About our cattle and genetics

Our breeding stock was originally selected from breeders in Canada that have been breeding for many years and that have a solid reputation for their cattle. Although we started in Canada, we have selected seed stock from other parts of the world to improve our herd and animals.

We continuously strive to improve our herd by using the best genetics worldwide.

Our cattle are one of the greatest resources we have and it is our intention to care for our animals by giving them the necessary nutrition, attention and respect they disserve. However, due to the climate in which we live and the reliance on Mother Nature to provide us with quality feed and water this can be difficult. Our animals will experience severe cold in the winter and heat in the summer. The adaptability to extreme climates is one of the reasons we selected Braunvieh Cattle.

Both our heifers and bull calves in their first years will not be pushed with hot feeding rations but will instead be fed just enough to allow them to grow at a rate that promotes longevity, fertility and proper health.

It is our goal to have Females and Sires that consistently produce high performing progeny with Style, Confirmation, Good Milking abilities with Great Udders, Good Temperament and Strong Feet and Legs.

You are always welcome to view our cattle and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

For additional information on Live Cattle or Semen for sale, please contact us at info@fieldstonebraunvieh.com